Monday, January 11, 2010

A Busy Month

It's actually a crazy month for what I'm trying to accomplish.

This month has eight new classes and, of course, I didn't even start writing instructions until after New Years. Now I just have three sets of instructions to go.

One of my New Year goals was to get three months ahead with my classes so by the end of the month I plan to be in that position. I have classes planned into April and already have all but one sample done for next month. I'm also going back to just four new projects a month, new classes on Tuesday and then repeated the following month in the Thursday class. Any other classes I book will be from past projects. Much more doable.

So....the month is full of illustrations and writing with a bit of beading thrown in. This little heart earrings and bracelet are one of my latest class projects. I'm not really a heart girl but even I would wear either of these. Created in brick stitch, with no thread showing (I hate that about brick stitch) these earrings are made with four colors of Delicas and Padparadscha Swarovski crystals, all from Artbeads. The bracelet is galvanized silver Delicas with Erinite Swarovskis.

Artbeads has a great sweepstakes going for the new year and the prize is a $1000 shopping spree, who wouldn't want that?

And on that note I better get my butt in gear and start on my day's work....two new sets of instruction.

The beads from in this post were provided to me as a promotional gift by in relation to their blogging program. My comments on these items are my honest personal opinion, no compensation has been received.


  1. Lovely pieces Mikki...

    You certainly have things organized...good for you! I'm not an terribly organized person, so it is interesting to hear how others manage!

    Don't you love the new contest...what I could do with that!!

  2. I'm not a heart girl either, but those are really cute. I love the fresh color combo in the bracelet. Like a freshh breeze.
    Ha, three months ahead! If I could be that organized......


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