Monday, January 25, 2010

TA DA!!!! Do I Qualify as Bead Artist?

So here are five of the eight sets of beads I made over the past three days.

The first set is aqua and peach over black, a multi-cane technique with a large focal, coordinating small ovals and rondelles.

Next is a fuchsia/purple, silver & black set created with a technique called 'mokume gane' which is very cool. You layer the clays, emboss it and then shave away the raised parts to show the layers.

The red set is a cabochon and two sets of six co-ordinating beads in three designs. Again multi cane techniques in action. It's hard to see the depth of some of these pieces but some are three or four layers deep done with translucent clays.

The grey set are graduated ovals of black white and grey with some of my green/red/grey kaleidoscope cane .
Finally, a set that may become a signature design for me. I call them "Splitting Pods". More of the 'mokume gane' layered over a marbled base and split to show the inside, which is then textured. Rondelles to match.
So....what do you think? Am I on to something? I guess I'll know when I try to sell them....which I will do as soon as I drill the holes a little bigger.


  1. WITHOUT A DOUBT!!! WOW those are gorgeous. Look what happens when I leave you on your own for a few days :-D

  2. Oh, my are definitly a talented bead Artist, with a capital A!!!!!
    But then I knew you would be...

    I'm sure you won't have any problem selling your beads!

  3. WoW! Lucky you. My attempts at polymer have pretty much ended up in the trash! Congrats on creating such beautiful beads....

  4. Wow, your beads are fabulous!


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