Thursday, January 28, 2010


So here are the heart sets I made for the Smooshers challenge.
The first I call "Heart in a Whirl" and I decided to try something rustic so I went more primitive and then distressed the heart before buffing. I actually kinda like this one, even though I'm NOT a heart girl, I keep saying that and then liking the hearts I create.

The second one I went pastel, again quite unusual for me....I guess I need to stretch thesedays. I was thinking about little girls on this one, pinks and purples, all light and airy so I made this one petite, just 1"wide and 1 1/2" long.
Of course after I finished these I thought about making heart canes and layering hearts onto a regular shaped bead. Monday morning bead artist!
Well, maybe I'll do that next.


  1. Great hearts Mikki...I'm not one to wear hearts myself, but I make a line of jewelry for the Heart & Stroke Foundation...when a piece I make with a heart sells I make a donation to the Heart & Stroke I'm always looking at/for hearts.


  2. I;m not big on hearts either...but that was the challenge. I think my hearts in future will be a bit more!


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