Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Revisions & Reassessments

That's what I did at the Bead Society meeting last night. In the first 15 minutes things were reviewed, reassessed, reorganized and voted upon.....quite an achievement in 15 minutes! Of course, when you're sitting there by yourself it's not that big a deal. So much for 'build it and they will come'. I was joined by Annabel after that and we got to know each other, swapped stories did our own little show and tell....a bead society of two.

The main subject for the meeting was to elect a committee who would help run the society, so it remains just me. Yes, I'm disappointed, but I'm going to be positive and just change it all up. I voted that the newsletter was going to just be every third month after a quarterly meeting, I don't have time to write a whole interesting and informative newsletter myself every month and I've had no response to my request for submissions. The core group who are usually at the meetings have joined me for a bead-in at Starbucks a couple of times and I think those meetings are much more popular so I'm making that a regular thing, at least once a month. I'm also putting out a monthly date for a joint bead order....basically if you want me to do it I'll have to have your order and payment by a certain date.

Hopefully that will fill the need and create the beading community I was hoping for, if not, I may have to join the Las Vegas bead society and make the two-hour, each way, drive every month.

I've also decided to drop my current classes to one a week plus the monthly open bead. As it's a core group who attend my classes there's no need really to do a repeat which is what the second class is. So, with all this freed up time I should be able to get to some more profitable the book, the second! Not to mention all the contests and project submissions on my list. Though I do need to get my classes going in two new locations.

January is supposed to be the month for overhauling your life, right?

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  1. It is sometimes difficult to get something going...especially at this time of the year!

    Hope everything works out for you...


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