Monday, January 18, 2010

New Photos

Today was a photo day. After receiving a couple of emails from people wanting to buy some of my beading I decided to take some new photos before listing the items in my Artfire store.
It was a fun search for items to pair with the jewelry and hopefully enhance them. Inspired by the tile work of a Persian fountain this is one of my faves.

This one was a winner in Beading Daily's "Pattern Play Challenge", apparently it's "off the wall".

Classics. A staple in any jewelry closet!

Always a favorite these wave bracelets are just fun to wear.

I couldn't resist making this one look like a caterpillar.
Anyway...I finally got some pieces into my store and I'm offering free Priority Mail shipping in the US and free First class shipping everywhere else.

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  1. Gorgeous pieces Mikki...I do agree the black and white one is definitly a staple!!


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