Thursday, January 21, 2010

Polymer ~ Then and Now

As I mentioned a few posts ago I'm back to playing with Polymer clay.

My mom dug out this brooch I made her over 25 years ago when clay was relatively new and there wasn't much inspiration out there. Since then I've delved into many things that translate into clay well....quilting and marbling come to mind.

After burning my first set of beads in my new oven due to being over eager (they were pretty too) I think I've worked out the temperature issues and was smart enough to build a 'foil tent' to further protect from burns. The new beads I made last night are baking as I post and I keep sneaking peeks to make sure they are fired and not on fire.

I'm quite excited about the sets I made last night and can't wait to create a necklace from the teardrop green/black/red kaleidoscope set. It will definitely give my beadwork a new look and I LOVE the fact that I can make the beads I can't find. I think I am more colorful when I work with polymer, the colors more bold, just the kick in the pants I need! Of course, these are a lot of fun to make and knowing me I'll make a lot more than I'll be able to use, but that's what I have my Artfire store for, right?

My horoscope this morning was typically a day late and described exactly the day I had yesterday, "a new direction of creativity". So far this new year (and we're only 3 weeks in) has actually been positive even though some things seem to be negative.....silver linings are outweighing the clouds right now.


  1. I really like your mothers pin...even if it is 25 years old!!!

    Your colored beads are gorgeous...have fun with then...hope to see the finished pieces!


  2. My mother still keeps a pc brooch I made her about 20 years ago. Your beads look great! Can't wait to see more and what you'll do with them. This would really give a new kick to your jewelry.

  3. These are just beautiful. I wish I had your patience with polymer beads.


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