Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Keeping It Zipped!

I hate it! But I am keeping my mouth shut about the latest set of beads, my best yet. I made them for someone special based on something they did and need to celebrate so until she gets them I'm keeping them under wraps.....and I am so not good at keeping secrets when I'm excited, lol!

I joined Artfire's polymer clay guild....the Clay Smooshers and I want to put my two pieces in for the February challenge so I have those to create...hearts, and we know how much I love hearts! So it will be interesting to see what comes out of the clay.

I do have to get back to some bead weaving tonight as I need to restring my hexagonal tile bracelet I sent to Beadwork as a project submission....they want to see the actual bracelet. The second one I did I changed how I strung it and liked it a lot better and knew I would redo the first one at some point. I guess the some point is now.

I also want to make some beaded beads to go with a couple of the bead sets, I really think the beaded beads and the polymer clay ones will work together well.

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  1. I can't wait to see your latest set of beads...I'm sure they are wondrful!!!

    I look forward to seeing your hearts...I purchase a great many hearts because I have a Heart & Stroke Foundation series of jewelry, for every piece that sells with a heart I make a donation to the Heart & Stroke Foundation...I'm always looking for new, unique hearts!!!!

    I agree, your beaded beads will look great with your polymer clay beads!!


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