Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hot Off the Beading Bench

This is what I call a tease for my teaching assistant Suzanne, pictures of a new project get her giddy and asking "when do I get it?"

The goal for the class project was to explore cubic right angle weave and last night I managed to sneak in making the black and red colorway. This bangle project plays with color and texture while learning how to make a cubic RAW medallion and chain and will be on the class schedule next month.  If I can find the tiny teardrops in purple or fuchsia that colorway will be added in.

Most of my students are far enough along now to be ready for a project that isn't set out row by row for them and next month will offer them some challenges in the design department.  Growth....gotta love it.

For my new students I'll be starting some classes just to learn the basic stitches and next month will be peyote month.

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