Saturday, April 24, 2010

One of Those Design Days

Yep, yesterday I had one of those days when what I see in my head just doesn't work.   After two attempts at a bezel pendant idea I finally ripped it out for a second time and decided I should work on something else.

So I made the Rio Grande ring.  Not a lot to show for the hours spent beading but that's how it is some days.  Yesterday was just one of those frustrating days that happen every so often.

I thank everyone for their input about selling through galleries vs. online, it definitely helps me think it through.
I do think I'm believing in myself more lately and I think that's a lot of it.  If you don't firmly believe in what you are doing people sense it and seem to not fully appreciate and even devalue your work.

I now have a little Q & A mantra I play in my head when I feel unsure...
Is it technically good? YES
Is it original? YES
Did you put lots of time in? YES
Are the materials top quality? YES
Are you a designer? YES
Should you be paid for your time and talent? YES

Does it work everytime?! But it helps most of the time.  I could use a little entourage when I go out to sell my stuff....a little backing group to sing "Hey, Mikki, you're so fine".  Ok...I watched way too much Ally McBeal!


  1. Those days come and go! And I had the Vonda Shepherd CD in my player for almost three days. Sometimes one needs a bit of encouragement.

  2. Even the most successful artists has days of insecurity. I love you mantra. It's great inspiration.


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