Friday, April 2, 2010

What day is it?

I've lost track.  I don't know how other designers are but sometimes my head gets so full of new designs it's hard to stay in touch with the real world.  These are the times when I just need the world to stop for a few days so I can catch up, make some of the designs swimming around in my head and right now that means....
The new bangle designs for next month's class
The freestyle peyote technique booklets for next month's class and the samples
The polymer bead sets for my fusion class
Patterns to write, kits to pack
Variations of my 'peonation' flower for a new piece
Making an Issey Miyake tunic for myself from fabric in my stash
Creating some summer layers to update my look (I am so sick of jeans)
Knitting that lace layer I started (thanks Marcia for dangling your lace knitting and making me drool)
Making the line for the gallery....yeah, only about seven or eight designs bubbling for that one
And..... a zillion 'what if' ideas for old designs worked with new shaped beads.

My computer tells me it's Friday, which means I need to deliver the custom ring to the gallery and that I better plan what I'll be demo-ing at Ladies Night tonight at the craft store.  Clay or beads? beads or clay? Hmm...anyway to kill two birds with one stone?
My calendar (the one Artbeads just sent me...thanks Duchess) tells me it's a minute past April....Which means I have the weekend to finish my Bead Dreams entry, get it photographed and sent in.  It also means we're into the month when I promised myself I'd finish up my book proposal and get that sent off to see if I can find a publisher.  And that means making a piece of jewelry to represent every chapter in the book plus finishing the sample chapter with all the projects.  Oh...and taxes.

I'm reminded of what someone said to me once "Oh you make jewelry for a living, how fun, that must be so relaxing".

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