Friday, April 23, 2010

The Latest Rio Grande

The latest pieces in my Rio Grande collection are earrings and a bracelet.      I'm considering listing the collection in my Artfire store for a week to see if it's possible to sell there rather than put these babies in the gallery where with commission the prices have to be so much higher.  I figure if they sell in a week then it may be worth putting some time in marketing myself online.

I've just listed my "Beaches" pendant style necklace in my Artfire store.
For those of you who don't know, I designed these beads as a celebration for Lisa Crone's beading book "A Bead in Time". I sent her a set and saved a set for myself. When ArtBeadScene and Margie Debb got together to issue a color challenge the colors were the exact colors of my beads so I designed this necklace and entered it....didn't win though. someone can own it.


  1. wowwee, wow, wow, wow! I love everything! You are so impressive! :)

  2. I betif you invest some time in marketing your jewelry online, it would work. Awesome colors!

  3. Thanks Lisa!
    Kokopelli.....that's the magic word....time.


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