Saturday, April 3, 2010

In Two Minds

Uh oh...she's gone schizophrenic on us again.

Nah, not's just reading Marcia's blog today where she is talking about Tweeting and all the marvelous new technology I thought I'd share my feelings.

I actually love technology... I love following Ms Rachel as she phones in photos of her day to Facebook, and I love that Marcia blogs from her phone when she's travelling because I love knowing what she's up to. I'm also a bit of a geek if truth be known however there's another side to all this.  It's about how we use the technology and if we lose track of what's really important.  Part of me would be quite happy living an Amish life (it's just the religion I'm not into).  And if you're ever stuck on a desert island you would want me along because I can do amazing things without technology.

I think one my first bad feelings about technology came when I was on a ski lift. There's something very peaceful about riding up a mountain on a ski lift, it's a time to really appreciate nature...however, when some idiot sitting next to you decides he just has to make a business call and you have no option, unless you jump to your death, of listening to him yabber on and on it destroys the peace.  Well, there was the option of pushing him off the lift and I did consider it.

The other day I came very close, too close, to crashing my car as a guy in a large truck pulled out in front of another car that was turning and straight across my lane. I was surprised my air bags didn't trigger as I had to stand on the brake to avoid hitting him....and he look quite unconcerned as he carried on his phone conversation.  Part of me wishes I had hit him, sued the pants off him and made a huge statement about how dangerous that crap is.

When I was working in long term care I could not believe it when I saw one of the CNAs texting while ambulating a blind person...phones were not even allowed on the floor, and you certainly can't pay attention to someone when your eyes and one hand is busy with a phone.

At this point I hardly ever turn my phone on anymore, I turn it off when I'm working, sleeping, driving, with friends or teaching and that's pretty much all I'm ever!   So it's definitely much easier to reach me by e-mail.  The reason for this is I'm one of those people who feels guilty if I don't answer my phone....even if it's just vibrating. The last day I had my phone on for a day I lost four hours of work time because of it....and not one of the phone calls was important.  When I'm beading I typically get up every hour or so to stretch, that's when I check my e-mail, and answer anything that needs answering.....let me tell you THAT is so much quicker than getting into a long phone call.  I've also had students ask me for my phone number, at first I used to give it, boy I learned that lesson quickly. Most of my students are great and I know they would respect my time, but there's always that one that abuses the priviledge and feels I should be with her, by phone, every time she's even thinking about beading....even if I happen to be with my Mom as she comes around after surgery.  (Yep, you guessed it, that was the day I turned my phone OFF).

I have to say I admire Miley Cyrus (say what?) she realised how hypocritical she was being in asking for privacy when she was tweeting every detail of her life to the world and closed her Twitter account.

So, what's my point? Don't let technology interfere with face to face socialization, if you're spending time with someone, cherish that time and turn your phone off.  Respect that just because we're all connected at the hip by cell phones not all of us want to be talking on it 24/7. Don't drive and text, if you HAVE to use the phone while you drive use a hands free device and save a life, it might even be yours. 

*pushes her soap box back under the bed*


  1. Mikki--You are so totally spot on! People are so crazy when it comes to cell phones--and how they think they can text and do anything else is beyond me. I figure if it's really important they'll keep trying. I do keep my phone on and can quickly see who's calling and I can decide if I want to answer or wait til it's a better time. I can't use bluetooth with the phone I have now, so will make sure the next one I get will allow me to use it. So, now I'll also get off my soap box--hope you have a great week. CJ

  2. i could not agree more!! there was a time when i LOVED talking on the phone...hours at a time
    what a soul sucker it is now! i too check emails every so often or facebook...and alot of times i have my computer at the work table with me while i work on an art quilt...usually catching up on shows on hulu..or listening to music. just this morning i said to my dad , as we were walking around the market in downtown detroit, that i wanted to jerk all these people's phones out of their hands ...seriously unless you have an emergency you do not need to be texting every second of the day...especially driving. gads.

  3. Amen, sister. I own a cell phone. It sits, turned off at all times, in my purse. For emergencies. And soon - cable TV is going. I love technology too - my computer and my digital camera...but the strangest thing has happened when my computer has gone down or is in the shop. I feel - relief. Go figure.


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