Friday, April 9, 2010

It was just a Dream

Yeah, my Bead Dreams was just that this year. I was taken down by a two day migraine and didn't finish.  There was also a question as to my self-sabotaging, which I know I was doing last week when I allowed myself to get caught up in the online fashion reports.  I did however buckle down in the end and if the migraine hadn't hit I would have finished the one in an afternoon and evening saw it almost complete....I still have to finish the fringe but that's probably just an hour's work.  Am I happy with it? Oh turned out exactly as I imagined, looks vintage and meets my perfectionist standard in workmanship.  Once the fringe is finished I'll post pics. 
Whether it would have made it into Bead Dreams? Who knows.  I am wondering if I make it part of a set, make a matching necklace if it would qualify for next year.  I can totally see a necklace in the same design.  I'll have to go read the rules again.   Anyway, for all of you who managed to complete your Bead Dreams entries on time....good luck!

When I was self sabotaging I became engrossed with Vogue's website of the catwalks at all the major fashion weeks.  I was thrilled to see so much beading and the jewelry is definitely being inspired by the work our beading community is doing.  Vera Wang's spring/summer collection (which is pretty much all black...YAY) sported some very cool bib style necklaces.  I was stunned to see some pants very similar to some I designed a few years ago, thrilled to see so much black and positively gleeful to see so much beading.

Of course it's made me itch to sew again and I've already been pulling out some fabric from my stash. There's a gorgeous Issey Miyake tunic pattern I want to make, though I will add sleeves and I plan on picking up the pattern and contrast fabric today. A sewing weekend is planned for the weekend.

After looking at almost all the designer's collections it seems the must haves for 2010 are lots of sheer layers, leggings and printed pants, and come fall you better have a pair of over the elbow gloves or arm warmers to complete your look, not to mention a bunch of pearls.  If it's beaded...all the better!   I have a design in my head for some pretty arm warmers and the yarn is sitting there staring at me.  The downside to being a designer is too many designs and not enough time to bring them to fruition.

I have to say I haven't really paid too much attention to fashion trends in the last few years (I've thought there was no point as I'm stuck in a fashion free zone) but it's about time I did and if people stare and think I'm crazy....well, they'd be half right.


  1. Mikki - I make myself look at the fashion trends. Mostly just for color. I mean, a nod to what's available in clothing is a good thing to know. But I celebrate with you about BLACK. I have an entire closet of black...partly because I love it, partly because prints and beadwork tend to love crappy together and I'm always wearing my work.
    Sympathy on the migraine and not finishing. But let's hope it's a case of this delay making for a million bright ideas to settle in and propel you into next year's competition.
    And PS - I like to think of "fashion free" as "beyond fashion." :D

  2. PS - Watched the Vera Wang show. Wowzers! Thanks for the link!

  3. Thanks, Linda. The Vogue site is awesome for checking out what's happening on the runways.
    I used to follow fashion diligently and I love designing my own clothes but since leaving California there has seemed little point. My bad! I never used to let sticking out like a sore thumb bother me and I need to get back to that.


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