Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Never Enough Time

The powers that be still haven't added any extra hours in the day for me...dagnabbit!  So, I just seem to get busier and busier.
I finally sat down yesterday to do some beadwork and translated the Rio Grande beads into a beadwoven cuff....good ol' two drop peyote in Delicas for a superb drape.
This is new to me.....translating the beads I make into bead weaving but I must say....I like it!  It takes me out of my safe little box into some more challenging pieces.

I was busy at the end of last week putting a necklace together for myself, a rarity thesedays, but I was going to an event and wanted something to wear with the new outfit I'd made.  I had gotten a few sets of these copper 5 to 1 reducers a while ago and they were ideal for the look I was going for. The jasper stone isn't of great quality but I fell in love with it and it too has been sitting in my bead box waiting it's turn.

On other fronts, I finally heard back from Heather today about the Sisterhood of the Travelling Beads. Some of you may remember I won the bead stash and I along with my bead society have been anxiously awaiting their arrival. Apparently Heather got busy and hasn't had time to put them in the mail....gee, I just can't imagine (sarcasm here because I certainly know how things on a To Do list get pushed down and down).  I was just glad they weren't lost in the mail never to be seen again.  As soon as we get our crack at the beads I will run the competition here so some lucky winner gets to rummage through the stash and swap out themselves. Stay tuned!


  1. O my God, these are miraculous!!!! I adore everything, I love your color sense and I am in awe of your necklace!!!

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