Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Crustaceans

In this case 'crustaceans' aren't crabs, or shrimp or lobster, they are pieces of beaded jewellry encrusted with Swarovski crystals.  You saw the ring yesterday and last night while pulling apart the first attempt I made a discovery....worked on it a bit and came up with this earring.

Yes...there's only one so far, on account of my not having enough Swarovski in stock and these babies eat Swarovski for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The stitch I'm using for these is one I discovered/designed while making the Grey Ghost and I have to say I like it.  Not sure if it's been done before and has a name or if it truly is my invention but I'm calling it 'arch stitch'.
Anyway....this Swarovski encrusted version is very structural and 3-dimensional not to mention blingy!  I see it as a complete series as the components are very versatile....and I love versatile!

I did want to post a little about stalkers this morning, particularly the one who is now following my blog...you know who you are.....and if you don't here's a few clues so you can recognise yourself.
A stalker is someone who, though they have been told they are not wanted, have been told to cease and desist numerous times, told not to hack my e-mail, not to call me at work where I had to answer the phone, not to write me nasty e-mails, continues to force themselves into my life in any way they can.  It's creepy, it's sick...you need therapy. Obviously the happy life you wanted me to know about SO much has crumbled (big surprise) for you to be stalking me again after 10 years! In the words of Blondie "Go away and stay away!"

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