Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oh Mr Postman....

....bring me a line.....Fireline that is.
I ran out of 4lb smoke.  The order was in last week....a HUGE order actually but with the holiday I'm still waiting.  It ran out last night while I was working on one of my new designs.....Deco Tulips, I got this far:

Hopefully the Fireline will get here today so that when I'm ready to bead this evening I have something to bead with.

In the meantime I REALLY need to do laundry, not to mention make my grey hair go away. After the big reorganization of the studio I could use some pampering, my nails look like I digged myself out of a grave....come to think of it....I'm looking rather like a zombie right now.  I need to get myself together as I have to drive into Mesquite to pick up my jewelry from the gallery...they're doing a big clean and reorganize too.
Must be that time of year.

I still have a bit of work to do on the studio, I haven't tackled my worktable yet and it collected a lot of stuff in the overhaul. I need to pick up a hutch or something for the worktable so I can organize all my polymer stuff.
The studio definitely feels roomier...I could even work out in it now..lawd knows I need to. 

I do need a bit more storage and a couple of these would be perfect.   Shallow trays are perfect for storing beads and beaded things and being on wheels....perfect, where you want them when you want them.   I found these at Dick Blick and at $50 I think they are a great deal.

They make me daydream about having six or so all full of beads. Imagine a cart full of Delicas...a tray for every color....it might even hold a tube of every color they make. Then you'd need a cart for Tohos, one for Swarovski, one for pearls, one for fire-polished, one for gemstones..... *sigh* and about $20,000 to fill them!

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