Saturday, July 10, 2010

So I did a Stupid Thing...

You know those inspirations that seem like a good idea at the time and then you have that "Oh Shit!" moment?
Well, bright spark here had one of those and is now stuck!
As some of you saw I created a needlecase from my Steel Wave cuff design and I was putting a fringe on it.....well, I had ordered more needlecases and I'd decided to get the tall ones too.  Ooooo....I thought, the Steel Wave design would be so much better on the tall I pulled the beading off the small case, it was just loose enough. All fine and dandy, right? it's stuck half on and half off the tall case, cant get it on, can't take it off.
It does seem to move on a teensy bit with a twisting action, especially if I let it rest between each there is still hope.....but, of all the hair brained ideas....DO NOT try this at home folks!

But it all does get balanced out...I did a smart thing.  I finally got to my work table in my studio tidy and reorganize.  The laptop is off the table and onto it's own cart and the work table is now a polymer clay zone.

I still want to add another narrower but taller shelf system into the corner where my oven is but this set-up works really well....a place for everything and everything in it's place!
This layout has basically divided my studio in half with polymer at one side, beading at the other with the divider being my technical stuff, printer, laptop cart, photo station.  I need to get a new comfy chair though for beading, I moved out my dad's lazy boy which although very comfortable took up way too much space and right now I just have one of those camping director chairs with pillows in it and a little camping footstool.
I do want another 3 shelf bookcase.....that will give me more storage and a place to do a display of my work allowing me to actually have people go into my studio to look at things rather than have to drag them out all the time (the work not the people).

And to finish on a good note....persistence won out....I've been twisting and resting the needlecase as I've been writing and's on the tall case now! Slow and patient wins the race. Now I can happily finish it! It will have a chain on it so it can be worn around the neck as a pendant. I have a couple of things to finish now that my Fireline arrived.

Happy Saturday everyone.

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  1. Phew! Glad you managed to take put it on the needlecase! I work on a needlecase, too, but only with simple tubular peyote.
    And your studio looks good.


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