Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Finishing Up

So, yesterday was an 'out-of-sorts' day for me, one of those days when it's hard to settle down to anything.....RBS....restless brain syndrome.
On those days it's best to just use the time to finish the pieces that just need a chain or a closure, or just need a little bit of time to complete.
Which means....the Steel Wave needlecase got it's chain...YAY!

I wanted the chain to have a slider clasp to keep the lid on. Just two little loops on the side of the lid with the chain running through them.

Then I picked up my Deco Tulip cuff which had been put aside when I ran out of 4lb Fireline and finished the last inch and added the closure.
"Wow" you say "what a great button, it matches the design" button came first.  I saw this button and thought it would be a fabulous design for a cuff....I'm often inspired by buttons.

It's not actually curved...I just photographed it on a curved surface and was too lazy to do a new set-up.

I'm hoping my focus is back today and I can have a productive day.


  1. Looks like you are having a productive day. I love the patterns you create for the peyote cuff bracelets.

  2. Thanks Beverly, getting Beadtool refreshed me for designing makes creating the patterns so easy and that's what people want. I'm putting the pattern for this one together right now.


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