Sunday, July 11, 2010

Steel Wave Needlecase

So....after the struggle to get it onto the taller needle case it all ends well.
I finished the needle case last night, though I'd like to add a chain to this one  and a slider closure for the lid.

My analytical brain was, apparently, tuned into the issues of the beginner beader and tubular peyote from a chart last night as I woke with an idea that I think will make it a whole lot easier.
I have a weird brain, I'm often told I don't think like normal people (my brother's voice "you have to remember, Mikki, you're brain isn't like most people's"). My brain tends to wander off into quantumland and come up with  answers before questions are asked when it comes to design....I can tell you why I did something a certain way but not until I've thought about why I did it that way....if that makes sense?  I'm always amazed at the logic behind what I do...not to mention a little scared at times as it seems I'm not in control.

I guess I'm an instinctual designer, which is great for me but the downside is that I don't always translate everything for other people to understand...if you don't see a problem it's hard to fix it.  But I am a problem solver so once I know a problem exists my sub-conscious starts working on an answer.
Now....if I can just get the software to do what my brain wants it to.
The goal is to have a word chart generated for tubular and also to include right handed and left handed instructions in my patterns.

And all that sub-conscious brain work woke me with a migraine at was get up, take pills and go back to bed with an ice-pack. Fortunately I caught it in time and it's almost gone now.

I'm hoping to be more productive today as I have a bunch of things I want to get done.   A different colorway for a new pendant design and a design for the August Etsy beadweaver's challenge "Silver & Gold Hollywood Style".
I'm thinking a "Sex in the City" inspired cocktail ring. 
Ahh...Sunday...the day of rest.


  1. That turned out so neat, Mikki! I think your brain works just fine.

  2. Gee I wish my creative bran worked this well!

    I love this - I am looking at buying your Steel Wave cuff pattern this week... just gorgeous!



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