Monday, July 5, 2010

The Organization of Mikki

I'm halfway through a major overhaul of my studio (the spare bedroom minus the bed) and there are some things I've learned:
It takes many attempts to get a studio to fit your needs, especially when those needs keep changing/growing.
You find things you'd forgotten about...which makes you want to do them again which will bring another 'need' into the studio.
When you finally put your huge professional printer away in a closet you realise it prints onto CDs....which you wanted to do but your HP printer wasn't equipped for.
Painting, knitting, beading, polymer claying, crocheting, tatting, sketching, sewing, paper marbling, photography.....I do way too many artsy/crafty things that take up space.

I'm basically organizing the studio into four areas....beading area (always done first), computor area (patterns to write and print), photography area (close to the computor area with the light box) and the polymer clay area....where I can make, bake, sand and buff my clay stuff.
I do need a designated area where I can keep all my finished pieces too.

Anyway...the finds in the clean up were these two crochet patterns...written and swatches done.....boy, it would be nice if I'd made those up.
For anyone who doesn't know...I used to be a knitwear designer before I moved to the States.  I was born and lived in the textile area of England so it was quite the norm for me to go to the mills to buy yarn and one of the major yarn companies used to buy my patterns at the end of my season.
That was how I got into sweaters were embellished with beads and some had them knitted in.

I love making lace, whether it be knitted, crocheted or tatted...oh if I only had the time....


  1. I love that your knitwear design drawings include sketches of people, beautiful! And I love the circles in the crochet pattern.

  2. Hmmm, have you ever thought of writing a book in the style of your patterns? That would be something different.

  3. I thought your crochet/knit patterns were very pretty...I do crochet and knit, but not that intricate. Funny that your beading "corner" has much the same things as mine in it...same stacking plastic storage, tv tray, seed bead towers...(my towers are actually scrapbook marker towers, but my bead tubes fit perfect in them) Now I see they make them for beads..I'd fit right into that

  4. Marcia.....up until getting into beads I described myself as a figurative artist so I can't bring myself to omit the person.
    Kokopelli....a beading book or a crochet book?
    Jacquie....I'm the same way with knitting and crochet as I am with beads...I work fine, small beads, fine thread.
    The corner got a little bigger today as I moved the large bookcase and moved my worktable.

  5. Wow, Mikki...I just get more amazed every day. Those sweaters are wonderful!


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