Saturday, July 3, 2010

Grey Ghost, Transmogrification #2

Stayed up till 1am last night finishing the fringe. Definitely heavy duty freeform but I'm really happy with it.
Not something you would want to wear if you want to be a wallflower!

So it sits on my wrist a little loosely, I have tiny wrists.  The fringe bounces around giving some great movement to the piece.

The clasps are semi-hidden, shell rings with beaded toggles....two to keep this one secure.  The second clasp is hidden under the fan.

And a back view so you can see the clasps.  I'll be putting it into my Etsy store later when I take some better photos.

Now what? What do I want to tackle next?
Errands first....have a trip to the post office this morning to send out goodies.
After errands....hmmm......
Well, I was thinking about adapting the Steel Wave cuff into a pattern for a just seems it would work rather well.

Hope everyone is haveing a great holiday Saturday.


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