Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Need a Clone

Or multiple personality disorder or something.  So many balls it's really hard to keep them all airborn and lately quite a few have been bouncing around me cos I missed 'em!
I feel like I'm doing a 'rob Peter to pay Paul' thing with my time, it seems that no matter how hard I work, how many hours I work there's always more to do and things I just don't get to. 

Some of what I have gotten to this week.....

Carol Dean Sharpe aka Sandfibers suggested I make some polymer for the kumihimo braiders and this is the first completed set....pendant, end caps and clasp.  There is another similar set to this too.

For the non- braider I put this cabochon together....I really like how this turned out.  Sometimes simple really works.

I shrank my butterfly wings down and created a set of cabochons with holes to anchor a bezel because that's what I had problems with when I made my purple butterfly...I had to resort to glue, and if you know me you know how much I hate to do that.  I also made some butterfly wing beads because I couldn't resist.
Last night was frustrating because I seem to have lost a whole box of canes in the reorganization of my studio.  After making a bunch of skinner blends for class tonight I couldn't help but play with some clay...I needed a reward after all the grunt work! So after a bad first attempt I went off on a totally different tack and created this very contemporary set....could be for kumi or for just about anything else.  It's on the little mirror because it hasn't been baked yet and I like to bake flat pieces on the helps with the shine.

And these came about because I just felt like texturing something dagnabbit!

I did have a request to make some kumi sets in bright colors...and they are coming....all the bright colored canes were in the box I can't find and I need to restock my clay. Then there will be bright new canes to make....and as that is my fave, fun, fun!

In the and tomorrow sees a ton of new beads arriving. YAY!!!

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