Thursday, December 3, 2009

Birthday Surprise

Yes, I turn another year older today, but I got a nice surprise this morning when I found myself featured on Beading Daily's Facebook page.

Yesterday I was released from the confidentiality agreement for BeadStar magazine. This is a competition I entered back in May and I won first place in the glass category but had to keep it a secret until the magazine was published. Though it might not hit your newstand until December 8th BeadStar has been available in some places for about a week.

My design, "Spring Flowers", was something I came up with when trying to translate daisy chain, a bead weaving stitch, into wire wrapping.
The tricky part was getting the wires to end where they needed to be to make the connecting loops.
Now, it would be a real birthday gift if my prize arrived today....a $500 gift certificate to Beadaholique
It's been an interesting year. Finances have been up and down, mostly down, but I think that's natural when you take on a new venture. I have learned a lot and achieved a fair amount....published in three national beading magazines, starting a bead society, have my beading in a gallery, collected a great group of bead students & started this blog. If I make as much progress in the coming year I'll be very happy.


  1. Happy (belated) Birthday, sweet lady! You deserve all of beady good things coming your way plus more. You are a constant inspiration to those of us who are fortunate enough to be learning from you and actually get to fondle the lovely things you create. Thank You!

  2. Happy Birthday...sounds like you had a wonderful year!!! Here's hoping the coming year is equally as wonderful!

    Your bracelet is gorgeous...

  3. Congratulations on a well-deserved win in the Bead Star contest! I was sharing my copy of the magazine with some co-workers the other day, and they were particularly drawn to your Spring Flowers bracelet. I love how it's both visually-pleasing and such a unique design!


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