Tuesday, December 29, 2009


That's about all I can say. It's been a hectic week with not much time for any online activities.
I was busy with last minute gifts, deciding to make the men in my family tie pins which meant designing something new and figuring out just how best to do it. I was happy with the finished result. My stash had a couple of perfect things for a couple of people but I decided to make my niece something in her favorite color, purple. So, I made her some finger armor and a matching pair of earrings with some gorgeous purple teardrop Swarovski pearls and a couple of my math beads. Of course, I was so busy I had them all wrapped up before I realised I hadn't taken pictures.
I'm ordering some sterling wire to make more tie pins as I liked the ones I did plus I have a ton more ideas for them now. I'm even going to invest in a Thing-a-ma-jig to make the process easy and consistent. My packaging caused as much joy as the tie pins so that will be recreated too. Nothing like testing designs on family :)

I managed to sneak in one new bracelet design and I just need to get some silver beads to complete it. It fits into one of the monthly themes for Beadwork magazine so I plan on submitting it as a project. I was also finishing up samples for next month's classes.....just one to go now....as I forgot to get some pressed flowers for the resin cabochon. Hopefully I'll get that finished today.

Today is basically a finish up things day, then a huge project....cleaning out and reorganizing my studio. I want to start the new year fresh and hopefully that reorganization will kick start me into fresh things and a fresh approach. I also hope that the organization will inspire respect for what I do and reduce the number of interruptions and distractions I have to deal with because the last month has driven me around the bend and stressed me out.

Numerologically speaking 2010 is a 3 year (2+0+1+0=3) and 3 is the number of creativity and personally it's a 9 year for me....a year of completion getting ready for a new exciting cycle. Of course 2009 was supposed to be a money year for me and that certainly didn't happen, but we're going to stay positive....right?

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  1. Sounds as though you were very busy...I like your idea of cleaning and organizing the studio...I do that every 6 months or so but it only stays that way for a very short while...:0)

    I don't know anything about Numerology but I like the idea of 2010 being a year for creativity...


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