Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dalek Deca Done......Destination Ebay!

Last night after completing my alloted work on the JOGS piece I picked up my Dalek Deca and finished the chain and the tassel. This has been a lot of fun to make and I'm excited about the little Dr Who secret hidden away inside....yes, I thought of just the right thing to put inside.
I don't usually put my beading on Ebay but as this is Dr Who related I think Ebay is the right place for it. Hopefully a collector of Dr Who memorabilia will fall in love with it and snatch it would be good to feel someone who loves the show as much as I do owns my little bauble. I'll do a link to the listing once I get it up and running.

Crazy as I am I now want to make a Tardis. Stay tuned.

My mom and I played the "what would you do if you won a $million" game yesterday. Easy.....I would go on THE biggest bead shopping spree....visit the Miyuki and Toho stores in Japan and buy by the bag, visit the Swarovski factory and do the same. I would then buy a house with a classroom and kit it out as the perfect beading studio. I'd sign up for Beading by the Bay and book a room for the Tucson bead show. Oh...I did say I would also go to a spa for about a month, get in shape, have a little non-surgical work done and then buy new clothes for the new body, buy a new hybrid car and take a trip to California to have fun with my girlfriends out there. But most of what I'd do revolves around beads and beading. Ahh....a gal can dream.

I did get to go on a fun bead shopping spree yesterday as my prize from Beadstar arrived....a $500 gift certificate to Beadaholique. I made a dent in that baby with a bunch of Delicas, some gemstone beads and a storage system. I bought three trays that hold 56 tubes of beads each, this will let me see all the colors I have and not have to go rummaging through storage boxes any more. I also bought a couple of bobbins of Japanese KO beading thread which is made especially for Delicas. I've never used this thread, I typically use Silamide or Fireline but they had a couple of colors I needed so I thought I'd give it a try, I'll review it once I've had chance to use it.

Rachel Nelson-Smith was talking on her blog about naming herself a "Beadist", she put up a dictionary-like description. Rachel also used the term "beadonism".....this one I really like. Webster's says 'hedonism' is "the self-indulgent pursuit of pleasure as a way of life" so if you tweak it...."beadonism is the self-indulgent pursuit of pleasure through beads as a way of life".
Oh...and check out Rachel's Etsy store she's put up a lot of special Rachel goodies for Christmas.


  1. WOW!!!!!! You are really something!! So talented!! Congratulations again on your bead star win, that is so wonderful!! $500 of beads sounds amazing!

  2. Simply gorgeous Mikki...and it was fun for me to watch it develop...

    Congratulations on your Bead Star win and the great, it must have been fun shopping!!!



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