Friday, December 18, 2009

Post Migraine Giddiness

I don't know if it's just me but after a migraine, when all the pain has finally dissipated I get giddy and full of energy. I got progressively more giddy at my class last night and by the end of it I was pretty much bouncy!

The class was a lot of fun too...great students and a successful project. We made a beaded ornament which makes a great beaded bead when you make it with smaller beads. It's always wonderful when students finish the project in class, not easy when it's just a two hour deal but it went that way last night and there were some gorgeous sparkly goodies created.
When I got home I played with my beads...working on some designs made with ruffled circular peyote, I'll be teaching a class on this next month but as two hours only allows the making of one ruffled circle I want my students to see what you can do with it. I'm using some Lucite lily of the valley flowers with the ruffled circles to make a matching pendant and earrings.
I did wake up with a bit of a headache this morning and promptly drank two glasses of water.....I'm hoping that will chase it away. I refuse to be knocked out again! Too much to do! I need to redo the illustrations for the RAW ring as the fancy way I did them slowed the saving process down to barely a crawl...back to the old way. I'm also using a new format which allows unlimited illlustrations and makes it easier to put into PDF format and means I can list my patterns in my Artfire store. We had a discussion last night about the number of illustrations needed for patterns. Suzanne had bought a pattern online that was 19 pages long due to all the illustrations but she found herself editing it as she found some of the illustrations redundant. I think that was a valid point....too many illustrations can be as frustrating and confusing as too few. If something is broken down too far you get ahead of yourself and then lost. Hopefully I strike a happy balance.


  1. Lovely beaded ornament!!! A Christmas tree decorated in these would we beautiful!! Your students must be thrilled after the class when they have a wonderful ornament to take with them...

    Happy to hear your migraine is all but gone...the can be so debilitating!


  2. Yes, students love to take a finished project home with them! Then they have a nice memory of the class and something to show their family and friends.


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