Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Obsession du Jour

I seem to be stuck on designing mathematical beads...I swear I'm dreaming of them. The long bead is actually the bead version of the Christmas ornament I'm teaching on Thursday, just smaller and with a tad more embellishment. I've also been experimenting with some flat geometrics that I'm calling 'lozenges'.....they're like a double sided tile so they offer lots of opportunities for reversible designs.

I did manage to complete my class schedule for next month....finally. Bead weaving will include classes on Twisted Herringbone rope, Brick Stitch, Circular Peyote with Ruffles and ...gee...a math bead (which sits beautifully on the herringbone rope). Other classes will be a Memory Wire pendant & earrings set, a Wirework Watchband and two classes on making your own beads, Fabric Beads and a Resin Cabochon.


  1. Ohhh, gorgeous all!! I wanna learn how to make the long one!! It is stupendous!

  2. Gorgeous beads, I'm sure your courses would be so much fun!!!



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