Thursday, December 17, 2009

Quiet Time

That's what yesterday was for me....a day of doing nothing! Which would have been great if it wasn't due to a horrific migraine. I think the recent spout of migraines is due to dehydration, as I am terrible at drinking enough water especially when the weather gets cold. So, I'm trying my best to keep hydrated and ward off the pain. I remember meeting an Indian doctor who, on shaking my hand, informed me I was dehydrated....Eastern medicine is so good at spotting those things in simple ways.

I entered one of Scarlett Lanson's giveaway's today. She asks the question "What are your beading goals for 2010?"
My answer: "My goal is to make as much progress in 2010 as I have in 2009 in creating my beading business which is my only source of income. Hopefully to win some more competitions, be published more and it would be fabulous to teach some classes other than my regular at a bead show. Unlike the first post I need to get over my fear of success, it's amazing how much that holds me back, the root of my procrastinations."
What's your answer?


  1. Drink...I always have a bottle or glass of water by my side!!! The body craves it...I hope you are feeling better...

    In 2010 I also would like great progress, I will be selfish and say I would like more than this year,which means I will have to work very hard, but that is fine with me! There is also a great deal I would like to learn in working with metal, and Art Clay!

  2. Hi! You are going to think this is crazy, I called off yesterday due to a severe sinus headache! I went to the Dr. early this morning before work, got a zpak, on my way to better. Hope your headache is gone as mine is finally!! :) twilight zone....

    I really stopped by to say THANKS!! Your support means so much to me, I sincerely apprecite it! :)

  3. Thanks Azure....I really try to drink water...I'm just not very good at it... I'm lucky I remember to eat....and I forget to do that too when the muse has me.

    Lisa...sometimes I think you and I share a brain because we are in sync so often. And, right back at you on the support thing.

    On the whole I think beaders are damned fine people! Helpful, eager to share and support.


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