Thursday, December 10, 2009


I was Tweeted today! How sweet of Artbeads to Tweet about my Dalek Deca baby "Mikki of The Beaded Carpet blog creates an ingenious "Dalek Deca Vessel" using Swarovski Pearls & Delica Seed Beads!" I confess I don't Tweet which won't come as a surprise to those who know of my phonaphobia but if I can Tweet via computor (can I?) that would be something else.
My bribing of myself worked yesterday as I finished the last three urchin wings and then I rewarded myself by working on the chain for the Dalek Deca. I chose to do a small twisted herringbone cord in black and silver Delicas with a grey pearl every inch....that sure makes it easy to measure...method in the madness! I managed to get one side of the chain completed and about 25% of the second side. I'll finish it with a loop and button closure with the button being a pearl centered pentagon. Then I just have to figure out what I want dangling from it. Yes, that is a thread you's still attached to the bobbin. Whenever I add new thread I work in a good length nice and securely but I leave the other end attached to the bobbin in case I need to add more. If I do then I cut a working length from the bobbin and just work it through the beads to where it need to be, no need to secure it because it already is....what we do to save adding thread.
I was pleased I got so much done because I lost the afternoon to an impromptu Christmas shopping trip with was how she wanted to spend her birthday, we ended up snapping up some fun bargains for my brother. I spent some of my birthday money on a travelling bead board by Blue Moon at Michaels. What do I think to it?'s ok, I'll probably use it with some changes. I like that it clips together and is great to work with on your lap however....I think they went the cheap route as the lining is cheap grey foam which will be a bitch for picking up seed beads with a needle. It's designed more for stringing and I can see it working fine for side of the foam is cut into a beading tray. For my use I'll rip out the foam and line it with Vellux. It sells for about $20 but my 40% coupon brought it down to $12.50 which is a much better price for what it is.
Today I'm back to pattern writing and I have a class tonight but hopefully I'll have time to get some of the urchin wings put together. Art class tomorrow is's the time of year when everyone is too busy and I'm definitely one of them. My classes have dwindled to half as many students due but it's that time of year....hopefully I'll have some sales to make up for the loss in teaching income. I'm going to dedicate tomorrow to adding things to my Artfire store.


  1. That vessel is exquisite! My favorite part? the pearl on the top. The band of beads around it is the perfect touch. It's all in the details!

  2. That is gorgeous Mikki...and it is great to watch the piece come to life here on your blog!!!



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