Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Where does the time go?

I'm having that feeling of not being able to keep up with everything going on.  Things start to pile up and then I get disorganized and that always slows me down.  I need to spend today just organizing and making that ever important TO DO list.

The things that threw me out of step were the custom order (the buyer is staying at one of the local spas and leaves on Sunday). I figured I'd give her a couple of choices and this is the first, or part of it. This one has a hematite cab and rounds with black diamond Swarovski bicones. The second has a Swarovski jet rivoli with dark grey pearls and jet bicones.  I also am having to make my first one from a given ring size....quick lesson on ring sizes for me:)

I'm still stressing over beads not arriving. I even jumped one up to's always the beads you need by a certain date that seem to get hung up in the works. And of course when a bead arrives and is a completely different color from what it looked like on the computor screen...I've resorted to praying that the replacements get here on time. And I thank the Lord that my students are understanding.  Getting back into kitting takes time and money but I'm hoping I have everything I need now for all the projects coming up in  April, May and maybe even June.

I have a couple of kits left for my Ridges bracelet in the colorway shown, it's one and two-drop peyote stitch, perfect for the beginner.  I'm offering them at the crazy price of $25, first come first served. 

Now I better get that to do list written and see if I can make some progress today.


  1. boy oh boy do I understand about time getting away from you! Where does it go? I love the hematite ring at the top - it's very elegant!

    Hope the beads arrive on time!

  2. aaahhhh yes the business of beads takes time when we'd rather be beading! Good luck on finding the right balance. Nice colors with that little touch of red, love it.


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