Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In Progress

Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that I put an Etsy treasury together last week featuring freeform beadwork after being inspired by this cuff by The Jade Dog.

I'd never thought of embedding bezelled cabs so a big thankyou to the Jade Dog for that window into creativity!  Go check out her Etsy store.....some gorgeous work there.

So...I dug into my box of miscellaneous components and found the geode slice I'd already bezelled and that was the strating point for this wide freeform cuff I began late yesterday afternoon.  Once you have the basics bead weaving skills down freeform is truly fun to do.  One of my students, Selina, asked to be taught freeform in one of my Open Bead classes the other week and boy was she rules, no pattern to follow...she was off and running.
I totally encourage beaders to try this form of bead weaving as it truly brings out your creativity, stretches you to incorporate everything you've ever learned about beadweaving and gives you an original piece of art at the end.

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