Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Conveyor Belt on my Conveyor Belt

This week has been a return to my productive little self and my bead board has resembled a conveyor belt as unfinished pieces rolled across it to be completed.

The latest is a piece I think of as "The Conveyor Belt" necklace as it reminds me of the conveyor belts that used to move freshly baked sponge cakes along the factory line to find their boxes at my summer job when I was at college.  Funny where inspiration comes from.

The large Steampunk button seemed the perfect pendant to go with this industrial piece. I love the way the corrugations undulate and I'm sure I'll be playing with more versions of the undulations as designs pop into my they are doing right now :)


  1. It is a very industrial piece - I love the simplicity and monochromatic coloring.

  2. Very aptly named! I love the industrial look!

  3. makes me think of bicycle chain too :) I am actually trying to follow the KISS rule as sometimes I think I get too complex. I need a few simple elegance pieces in the collection :)

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