Friday, December 2, 2011

The Waiting Game


I'm waiting for a bead delivery that will bring the last rivoli I need for my Corrugated Filigree necklace. I'm really proud of this falls into the 'opulent' category and I'm totally having fun discovering just how versatile my corrugated peyote is. For me a design is good if it has versatility.

Last night I started working on a Steampunk pendant utilizing corrugated peyote. I must admit I was getting a little disappointed that it didn't pack the punch I wanted but it was early days and the corrugated peyote was working just as I wanted.  Before I went to bed last night I realized another way I could work the corrugations that would be way cool and this morning I woke up with the perfect way to incorporate the new idea into the pendant. My muse likes to work when I'm asleep :)

I have some new things to work on too.  I have been selected as one of the designers to create new designs utilizing Beadsmith's "Elegant Elements" clasps.  I got to choose two and they arrived yesterday :)

There were a LOT too choose from and my first selection was this Arte Deco style....a style I love working in.  The design for a bracelet using this one is already in my sketchbook and components should be arriving today or tomorrow.

My second choice was this very unusual clasp which I wasn't even sure how it worked :)  There's a little box clasp behind one wing.  This is a challenging one....because I plan for it to be up front but it's also small and very delicate. I had in mind a necklace and I'm going to have to bring all the delicate creativity I have to make this work.  Of course it would be the perfect back clasp for a wedding necklace when the back is seen as much as the front.

I have to order some things for the design I have in mind and I have to try the idea out first to see if it will work.
BUT what fun!
I love these type of challenges! So thank you Steven Weiss for including me in what is a very impressive group of designers...a little intimidating to be up there with the likes of Jean Campbell, Marsha Wiest-Hines, Linda Roberts (who suggested me...thank you:))  my bud, the amazing Heather Collins and a bunch of other terrific designers :)

Here's one of Linda Robert's designs using an "Elegant Elements" clasp it's called "Enticement" and it certainly is! Thank you Linda for setting the bar so sarcasm there at all ;)

And I just found out Heather chose my second choice in gold....oooo....competition!


  1. I love the clasps you chose for the Elegant Elements challenge and I can't wait to see what you create! I know they will be amazing! And thank you for the mention which really brightened up my day! :)

  2. Love the clasps looking forward to the designs!

  3. I am waiting with a threaded needle. (I think that is the rough equivalent of baited breath!!!) Love the little angel you choose and can't wait to see what you do with it!

  4. Oh....nice to brighten your day Linda...brightened my day knowing that :)
    The clasps are interesting and for someone who typically makes her own clasps even more so :)
    Marsha....hadn't thought of it as an angel...hmmm...I'm especially excited to see what you do!


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