Monday, December 26, 2011


Finally managed to complete and publish the tutorial for my 
Industrial Chic: Corrugated Filigree Cuff

You can get it right here !
I've got a sale going too.....spend $50 and get 20% off
Use the code 20OFF50

Plus....I've included a discount coupon in the tutorial so that if you want to buy the necklace tutorial too....should have it done by next week... you'll get a healthy discount :)  Once I get the necklace tutorial up it will have a discount code for the cuff too.  I feel as some of the components are the same you shouldn't have to pay for them twice :)

I am almost finished with my second piece for the Beadsmith Project.  After not liking the match of the clasp with the bracelet I originally designed I switched gears to create an asymmetrical necklace with a variety of ropes. I just have the large back rope to make and it will be a wrap :)

It's sort of a mad dash to finish things before the end of the year so I can start 2012 with a clean beading board. Is that only me?

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