Thursday, December 15, 2011

One Down, One To Go

I finished the first piece for the Beadsmith Project yesterday!
If you missed me talking about it, Beadsmith has gathered a group of designers from around the world (some really big, intimidating names) and given us the challenge of creating pieces around their Elegant Elements clasps.

We each got to choose two and this is the first of my choices.
Some see is as an angel but my skewed brain saw it as a bow :)

So, with bows in mind and herringbone stitch, which is a stitch I know people have been asking for more designs using it, I created this wedding style necklace.

The clasp can be worn front or back which is something I know to be important for a wedding necklace or wedding the back of the bride is seen as much as the front during the ceremony. This really is a perfect clasp for a bride's necklace.
I did an opera length but as this is "bow links" it's easy to make it any length you like.  Even though this isn't my Gothic/Industrial personal style I would actually wear this one as I think it's a fun take on classic pearls.
It was actually challenging for me as I didn't want to over power the clasp and I've been heavily embedded in the chunky Corrugated Peyote designs so the switch took some time.

The next one is about halfway done and is a bracelet taking this design up and out and it's already making me want to do spin-offs.


  1. Like this a lot and love the idea of the clasp in either front or back since it is so beautiful - great job.

  2. omg...that is GoooooOOOOOOooooooooooorgeous! Can you tell I like it? Very Regal!

  3. Thanks :)
    I would love to do it in black but I'd be looking at a different clasp as it only comes in silver or gold.

  4. Wow! This isn't my personal style either but I love it! The bow component could be used in all sorts of variations too...this is a very classic look and it would be perfect for a bride!
    Maybe they'll make the clasp in more finishes at some point...something in Gunmental to go with black?

  5. Gunmetal with black pearls would be great :)

  6. This is so very interesting and beautiful. I know you could use the component in different colors to completely change it and make it more Goth. The clasp is pretty special and you absolutely did it justice.

  7. WOWIEEEEEEEE!!!!!! This is spectacular! So regal! Fit for a queen!


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