Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Planning & Getting on Track

After distraught discussions at 3am I'm going along with 'The Plan' though not convinced that all the work I'm going to have to do won't end up hurting me or setting me up for another round of 'Blame & Beat Up Mikki'
At least I now know I'm not the only one concerned about my physical safety or the only one to have a defense plan.

So...once's the fight to get back on track and see how long I can hold on before the demo ball hits me this point there's no reason to believe it won't.
For those of you who have shown concern...thank you!

The progress on the Beadsmith Project has been slow going...mostly because I'm very picky and want things to match perfectly.  I've had to accept that there's just no perfect silver delica to match the clasps I chose.....unless someone knows something I don't.
The necklace which has decided it wants to be a choker is almost there, three or four more links to go. And it will work with the clasp at the front or at the back. I'm really liking it even though it's not my personal least it will be an easy pattern to write up :)

On the other hand the bracelet will take quite a bit of writing up.
After working on about six variations and not happy with any individual one I laid all the components side by side to see which one I liked the best and realised they actually looked good together though each one needed a little tweaking.  So now I know where it's going it should speed up the progress.

After I get through my long list of chores today I hope to finish the tutorial for the Corrugated Filigree Cuff

Then I get to work on the necklace tut which should go a lot quicker.  
Trying to get both finished for the weekend.

Something that cropped up yesterday was Heather Collins and I having an occurrence of JBS (Joint Brain Syndrome) or GMTA (Great Minds Think Alike)
Heather published a picture of her "Door Hinge" pendant sending me into a tizzy to get photos taken of my own take on the 'hinge'....something I've been working on for well over 6 months. is Heather's "Door Hinge" clasp pendant

And here's my "Hinge Pin" clasp cuff. 
This also shows my Medieval influence :)

I have a lot of "Hinge" designs including a pendant which has been a UFO for a number of months. Too many ideas and not enough time...I could probably spend the next five years just working from the design sketches already in my design book.

OK.....must NOT overwhelm myself.....playing it way too close to the line these easy go into 'static' mode.


  1. well of course Bead in Motion lends itself to hinges and I too have a 'hinge', although I think we will all be differentiated. Be well!

  2. I'm glad you at least have a "plan" now...I hope you're feeling better today! And, if worst comes to worst, I can come up to have your back! I'm not much of a fighter, but I can make mean faces - that probably aren't that scary, but might make them laugh and stop being mean to you :o)

  3. Yep...I think the 'hinge' is just part of jewelry design history and beading it, a natural route. Hopefully we all personalize it and get lots of variations out there.

    Sad to say I don't hold much faith in plans...take today, I had adapted my workday to work around someone else's plan and that plan was just completely tossed out five minutes ago. So....all the schedule I had so neatly written on my big white board needs to be reworked. So, Katie, you are very welcome to make mean faces...the scarier the better :)

    I would love to cut the strings that keep me a puppet but that would mean tossing Mom to the wolves.

  4. This is a really creative pieces!You’ve created something special once again!

  5. Mikki I am in love with this new Industrial line...that corrugated cuff and necklace are just stunning!

    I am really liking both Your and Heather's Hinge ideas! And great minds are always coming up with similar I wouldn't pay any attention to the naysayers!

    Some people just like to start trouble and point fingers...sometimes it's just a form of jealousy coming out, and sometimes there is just no discernible reason for it.

    You continue to prove that you are an artist and a designer, and only you can ever know where your work comes from...well, you and Morganna!

    I do hope that the troubles in your personal life go may be stuck in a place that is not "home" to you, and you have sacrificed everything for your mom, and that's what real family does.

    But you will get to the place you want to be again...who knows how and when, but if you really want it, you will make it happen. And I hope that in the meantime, you can find some sort of peace through your artwork.

    I know each and every stitch I make releases a little bit more of the stress, the worry and the darkness and allows me to concentrate on the work in my hands!

    Life sucks sometimes, but it's better than the alternative!

    Keep on beading and creating and designing! There are many of us who do appreciate you and respect you and your work!

  6. Thanks Tia, I really appreciate your words.
    I've always believed life is what you make it and I've been successful at it up until now. I've always been able to find the groups I want to be with and the things I want to do...even if I have to go somewhere on my own. But, I've never had someone else to think about or had to live in a place that I didn't choose before.
    I need a break, just time where my Mom isn't attached to my hip, I don't have to get back to cook dinner or fix something or explain something. My training as a caregiver tells me I need breaks from it and I haven't had one in five what I'm going through is normal if not exceptional that I've lasted this long.
    Once we move things will be different...but moving is like climbing Everest. I've set a date to be ready and I'm hoping that gives me the push I need.


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