Sunday, February 5, 2012

And the Winner is........

The winner of my Milestone Giveaway is a ticket from a blog post


Congratulations Annalie, let me know your choice of prize and where to send it....e-mail address for the gift certificate, physical address for the jewelry.

I also pulled two more tickets :)
And I will be sending $25 Gift Certificates to the following people 

Tia Dalma
Wanda (the first Wanda who commented on my blog)

If you ladies would send me your e-mail address I'll get your gift certificates out to you :)

Now if you didn't win this's the deal:
When I reach 400 followers there will be a $40 gift certificate just for people who comment on my blog between now and then, commenting on a post gets you a you have multiple chances to win, one ticket per blog post...(so if you comment more than once on one post you still just get one ticket).

When I reach 500 there will be a $50 GC.....same rules.
I'll increase the prize $10 per extra 100 followers until I have 1000, then it will be $100 for every 100 over 1000.

For my store:
As this is my livelihood my sales pay my bills and I have to make a certain amount each month to keep the bill collectors away :)
So....whenever I reach my sales goal for the month I will give a $50 Gift Certificate to someone who helped me reach that each time you shop (different days) you will get a ticket to win.

When I feel I'm winning I want to share :) now to the not so great news.
Some of you will know I had a hell week with my internet.
Apparently an upgrade was released for my access manager and it corrupted my modem. I had been thinking all the solar flares were messing with my connection but modem was dying.
I figure I lost about 30 hours to fixing the problem, talked to 6 phone support people....for about 5 hours total, 7 visits to the store ....totaling about 10 hours, and all the stress made me too tired to work when I wasn't talking on the phone (something, if you know me... I hate) or running around to the store twice a day.  So....I am about two days behind with work...still beading the project I'm scheduled to write the tutorial for this week and I still have about 5 pages to write for the Lace Cufflette which was scheduled for release last Friday :( new mobile hotspot is working fine now and I definitely owe thanks to Jeremy Brooks at the Verizon store in St George, UT for going to bat for me when other members of staff were rolling their eyes, obviously willing me out of the store and were totally unsympathetic to my situation....which was caused by their technical people.  Jeremy is one of the good guys who believe in doing the right thing and convinced his managers to do the same.
So...if you need anything Verizon in St George....Jeremy is your guy!

Now, hopefully, we will return to normal programming :)
Have a great Sunday people!


  1. Congrats to all the winners! Lucky ladies, for sure! & so generous of you Mikki!

  2. Congratulations to the lucky winners!

    And congratulations to you for being able to find a good Verizon person who would spend the time with you to fix the problem. I recently had the same type of problem with AT&T, with two people who just wanted to get rid of me before I finally found someone who ordered a technician to come out to look at the problem in person. Now it's fixed, I was able to return the new modem I had bought at the direction of the first AT&T person.

    I'm sure you'll catch up quickly -- you seem to work at the speed of light. :-)

  3. congrats to the winners....very lucky ladies..I'm sure you'll reach the next milestone in no time... <3

  4. Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you too Mikki for being so generous and carrying on with a giveaway xxx
    Good to know there are some who still believe the customer comes first and don't stress about being behind - we understand :)

  5. Grrr LOL, but congrats to the winners, such a great give away!

  6. Thanks :) I do believe in customer service...and not just getting it, giving it too. I know I appreciate when I buy beads from certain companies that there's a little free gift each time...Bello Modo is one that actually gives me things I use...beads!!! Another thing I'm doing, but won't happen until later this year is for my PUCC people....after they have been in PUCC for a year I have to renew their code so when I do I will also be including my flatwork patterns for the 40% discount :)

  7. Congratulations Annalie on the big win! And what a surprise to see my name in there too! Wow! I am so excited...So congratulations to me and Wanda and a huge Thank You to Mikki!

    You are such a generous soul and this is an awesome prize to win...and a complete surprise too!

    And about this Verizon experience...Customer Service seems to be one of those things that many companies are running low on during this "Recession"! You would think it would be the other way around, considering the amount of people in the market for work...

    Luckily you found Jeremy to be your customer service/tech problem solver! So don't sress out over being behind in your deadlines...this was completely beyond your control and we all understand!

    I am ecited for all the wonderful things coming your way this deserve it all! And I look forward to all the wonderful things you create along the way!

    PS: I love those little gifts from Bello Modo and other shops who do this...a nice little thank you gift goes a long way!

  8. Congrats to the winners! Crossing my fingers and toes for the next time! :)

  9. Congrats to the winners for sure! And am now following this blog. woot woot.

  10. Well....Tia and Annalie have their prizes....Annalie chose the gift certificate :) I still haven't heard from Wanda who won the third Wanda, please send me your e-mail before Sunday or I will redraw for the $25 gift certificate.


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