Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Finally...Fourth time's a charm....right?

So this is the part that had been giving me the issues...I was trying to create something totally with beads that would be a strong base for the pin back needed to make this into a brooch.  After three attempts I decided I needed a base to work on and ran to the store to buy it.
What was it? A 26c washer!

Problem fixed and I was able to set the pins in my favorite way so they look totally neat and clean :)

Now I just need to attach it in the same manner as I did the mirror.
Now I'm a happy Mikki :)

Of course...while I was at Michaels picking up the pin backs I spotted this: 

Yup! A big bag of shell bits. Apparently my muse thinks there's a project for these that would make a great class. I have to's something I think I'm asked about the most and I could see it being a very popular class.  So this is on the 'To Do' list for class submissions which I really need to start working on!  Yep...another of those secretive things, can't give the ideas away before I've proved they are mine :)


  1. Such a clever idea. I've seen those shells at Michaels also. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  2. Muy buena idea, precioso broche!!

  3. Oh yeah! Figuring things out is what I do. Sometimes better than others :)

  4. You surely do !
    Love love love the brooch version,

  5. WOW! Kinda just dribbled all over my keyboard then...
    That is AMAZING work!


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