Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Meddling Muses

So, just a few days late I stocked my store with the Lace Cufflette tutorial...big tutorial. That might be the biggest single design tutorial I have done but I'm happy with it as I think anyone with a basic understanding of bead weaving will be able to make it.

Ah....why the title? You ask.
Morganna is meddling with my schedule again, it's not enough that she's got me forking off to do some bead embroidery now she's giving me designs for the home....art pieces, if you will.   It's not entirely her fault, I guess, I have been saying I hope to do a gallery show when we have moved back to Fresno, she's just trying to help.  And the art pieces, well, I'm happy to sketch them and make notes so I can come back to them.
However....then she throws at me THE most brilliant idea for an evening bag using my corrugated peyote....not just brilliant, but the kind of thing that a photo of it is likely to go viral.  Oh...and she wants me to make TWO!

So, I'm scrambling to find the time.

Last night I got quite the surprise when working on the Urchin Wing pendant....Morganna surprised me by showing me how my design is actually based on peacock feathers.   What gets me is how she looks at my supplies and finds exactly what she needs.   Now there is some discussion (no I am not talking to myself...well, maybe) as to whether I add an optional mirror to the back of the pendant....useful little thing if you need to check your lipstick and there's a line to the restroom :)

Of course this will also make a fabulous brooch, minus the mirror, of course. So, I am going to add instructions for how to add a pin-back.
This tutorial will also include the original Urchin Wings (Gothic Butterfly) bracelet pattern with a few more illustrations than were in Beadwork Magazine.

I start the illustrations today and if I can get everything done in the next three days it will be in my store Friday :)

Then....I plan on spending my weekend evenings making that brilliant little evening bag....it's a simple enough design, lots of beading but I am 
SO excited about it :)


  1. Greetings Mikki, I can truly relate to your excitement. When I get an idea I don't sleep until it is manifested.
    I love the cufflette and the urchin wing pendant. Great designs.

  2. You and Morganna really have quite the bond!

  3. Thanks :)
    My brother tells people I'm schizophrenic (not in a good way)....he's not the slightest bit artistic and does not understand the muse thing.
    Patrick if I didn't sleep till an idea was manifested I'd be dead....lol...my muse does not believe time exists or that humans need sleep. I admit....I drug her so I can sleep :)

  4. I love the mirror/brooch thingy. Be sure to let me know when you have a tutorial for this one!

  5. Wow. That lace pattern is gorgeous. I would not have imagined that your urchin wing design could be so versatile. I love both of them.

  6. Love the Urchin Wing pendant and I really do think a small mirror on the back is a sensational idea!

  7. Oh cool.....I'm glad you agree with the mirror, after showing the piece to Mom she thought it would be perfect with a mirror...so it shall be :) The Urchin Wings components are actually quite versatile and there's another bracelet using them sketched out already :)
    Thanks for the input :)

  8. Yay! I have been patiently waiting til Friday to see the Lace Cufflette in your store...how exciting to find it already done and ready for purchase!

    I absolutely love this Urchin Wing Pendant...the Peacock themed colors are gorgeous!

    And I think it would be perfect with a mirror on the back...who wouldn't want to carry that compact in their Corrugated Peyote handbag?!
    I can see an entire collection springing up out of this and it's beautful!

  9. Me encanta......maravilloso.....

  10. I love the drama of them both! Great design, I love them.

  11. The lace cufflette would also be great as a "lace necklace" !
    Kind regards

  12. Yep, Ingrid, I thought about that. The tutorial does adapt....so it would just be a matter of doing more pattern repeats :)


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