Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Got My Socks Blown Off!

So...last night I put photos of my latest creation on Facebook, had a few really nice comments and then I went to bed feeling good about a productive day.
I wake up this morning with an inbox overflowing with amazing compliments and over 30 friend requests!!!!  Not to mention a few sales :)
My socks were across the room!
Thank you for all the encouraging words...nothing better than a design getting a great reception :)

So here are the photos of my Urchin Wings: Peacock Mirror Pendant

The mirror works really well and seems like it was meant to be.

I'll be making a second one that has a buckle type element on the back along with a brooch pin.  The buckle is to slide a scarf through as Mom and I think this will be a great scarf pin and we don't want to make holes in those pretty scarves, now do we?  :)   As it happens the only complete set of rivolis I have in stock are jet black....which means if will be a little Gothic....and as many of you know, that's my style and I am delighted with this happy coincidink, I'll take any excuse to make something Gothic :)

I am also itching to make this little evening bag but I need to save that till the I need to go hunting for components for the larger size retro bag.  And we don't even want to mention the third design Morganna has come up with which mixes the modern with the retro.

I so need to clone myself!  Somehow I think Morganna was slated to be the muse of quintets and the paperwork got screwed up.


  1. Absolutely exquisite design! Your work is so unique and immediately recognizable. Looking forward to the tutorial!

  2. Hi Mikki,
    no wonder that so many people is excited with your Peacock mirror pendant. It's amazing!!
    Regards, Alex

  3. Talented artist, pro tutorialist (if there's such a word)and your blogs are pretty cool too. I love to read a day in the hectic life of successful artists...keeps me inspired and motivated. Thanks!

  4. Well this blows my socks off! I don't know a single woman (and some guys) that would not want to carry this in their fancy beaded evening bag! It's so beautiful!

    I have been so addicted to those Metallic & Matte Metallic blues, greens, purples, reds lately...but especially the blues! So gorgeous!

    The peacock colors in this are just so perfect! And I am like you with all the black black black...but I think I want to make this in these beautiful blues!

  5. Ohh Mikki this is stunning...I have greens and bronzes in mind for's gorgeous!


  6. Magnifico......sin palabras....

  7. So amazing, you are so talented. I've only just discovered you after seeing someone's version of Gothic Butterfly on Beading Daily. I will be mentioning it on my blog soon with a link here. You should have a book!

  8. Hi:-)
    The pandant's so amazing.No strange,that You had 'standing ovations' on 'Face':-)
    Beautiful design-beautiful work!

  9. Me encanta todo lo que haces, es maravilloso.
    Eres una gran artesana y por eso no me quiero perder nada de lo que haces.
    Felicidades y hasta pronto.!!!!

  10. Wow!! It's an excelent beadwork!!
    I love so much!!
    Greetings from Panama!

  11. Goodness me that is amazing! I absolutely love it


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