Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday, Sunday

Sunday is a day of relaxation....right?
I wish!
I've already been reminded of what needs to be done, before I'd even had my caffeine fix...sheesh!   My entire body aches from all the heavy lifting I did yesterday and Firday but... it's progress.
I think all the major stuff is done now and much as I loved my Dad I've shaken my fist in his direction many a time while cleaning his spaces. My Dad was a hoarder....fortunately Mom is the opposite so I've only had to deal with Dad's areas....the loft, the garage and his work shed.  I honestly don't know how people deal with hoarders who have run of a house too.  I should take a load of stuff to storage today but the way my back feels I'm hoping Mom lets me off the hook, and I really don't feel like climbing the ladders to do what she wants done next.  Taking her shopping is enough for today!

I did manage to get some beading done last night so I just have the scarf slide and brooch back to do on the Gothic Urchin Pendant/Brooch.  I'd like to finish it today so I can get back to writing the pattern tomorrow.  I'm definitely happy with the construction simplifications I've made....even if illustrating them isn't going to be easy.'s a little tease....what will I be doing with these?
Videos? Books? Playing frisbee? 

As Wanda didn't come forward to claim her prize in my Milestone Giveaway I pulled another ticket this morning....
and....the winner is 
Releases by RoofyDoof
So...Karyn, if you would contact me with your e-mail there will be a $25 gift certificate for you, congratulations!

Keep the blog comments coming and spread the word about the benefits of following my blog :) Because we're on the downhill track to 400 followers and another Milestone Giveaway.


  1. I tried to leave a comment the other day and it did not post, so trying again. I love the Gothic Urchin, but as yet have not tried using a rivoli or bezeling a cabochon, I must get brave and give it a try as so many pieces have them. I love the hinged bracelet and ring, but have to find a source for cabochons. None of my Canadian online retailers seem to carry them, and I do not have a local bead shop. I am wondering if it is because it is the kind of thing you need to see in order to choose just the right one.
    As always,I enjoy following you and your muse on your creative journey.

  2. Congratulations, Karen. I can't wait to see the Gothic Butterfly brooch. That pattern is so pretty. I am amazed at all the different things you have done with it. And I have no idea about the cd's, but I bet it'll be cool.

  3. Danielle, I believe is a Canadian store and they do have some cabochons. You can also use flat gemstone beads, these look really good if you string some plains and bezel some. For practicing a bezel look in your local floral/craft supply store...they sell bags of flat glass stones in lots of colors and it's amazing how good they look when beaded. I taught bezels with them for a long time and you can basically bezel anything :) I do have a the Basic Bezel tutorial in my store and my technique works really well.

  4. Oh WOW....are you going to be putting your designs on CDs???


  5. Oh...I can also try Cathy at

  6. I actually do put my designs on CD...if someone buys a lot from my store I ask if they would like them on CD. I've done it for my students for a while now too. I plan on putting some collections on CD for bead shows, the first of which will be the Central California Bead Society in September and then any left will be sold in my online store.
    However....that's not what these CDs are for :)hehhe!

  7. Ohhh thank you so much. I haven't won anything in what seems like exciting! My email address is

    Karyn :)

  8. My curiosity has been piqued, but if frisbee is the answer I will be very upset!

  9. ROFL! it's not going to be a frisbee :)


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