Saturday, February 11, 2012

Slowly but Surely

It's the weekend and these days that means it starts on Friday and instead of being time to relax it's busy, busy packing and cleaning.
Yesterday I tackled my studio closet....the bad thing about be organized is you can pack a LOT of junk into a closet if you just arrange it neatly :)
Bags and bags of garbage, did I really need a ream of every color paper? Hundreds of those magnetic bingo was a project....are now headed for Goodwill.  And I found my missing crochet books :)

Last night I broke down and ordered myself one of those jewelry carts for all my finished pieces/samples.  I figure if I have to pack them up it may as well be for the last time...they'll be in their home ready to travel to shows :) My goal is to pack all my studio things in rolling carts/drawers so I don't lose time unpacking when I reach my new home.  Those little carts that fold flat are great for this and I figure two will hold all my boxes of beads.  The beads will be the last thing I pack and when I get to packing them it will mean we are moving the next day :)  SO looking forward to that.

I still haven't heard about the submission dates for BABE classes, I'm thinking I'll do the project anyway because I'm sure it will be a popular class around next week will include a trip to Vegas for supplies that match perfectly.

With the busy weekend I'm not going to have the tutorial for the Urchin Wings: Peacock Mirror Pendant/Brooch done because I'm only this far on the second sample.
The reason is, besides all the packing/cleaning, I am trying to simplify the construction. The components are very easy but putting it together is where the skill comes in.  I believe I have it as simple as it's going to get and have the tricky needle moves down to a minimum :)  If you think it looks like a flower at this point....I agree, and you could always stop at this point.
The next step is adding the rivolis between the petals and then I have to devise the scarf slide/brooch back. I'm hoping the technique I used for the Spiral Star will work for this one's so nice and clean.
I will have the tutorial finished and in my store by Friday barring any unforeseen disasters.

I got a cool surprise yesterday, a gift certificate from Fusion Beads for naming them as my supplier for the Gothic Butterfly in Beadwork magazine. It's always nice to be acknowledged in that way.  Bead shopping!

Sales in my store are looking good this month and just went over the half-way mark to my goal which means....if it keeps up there will be a $50 gift certificate up for grabs. You qualify for a chance to win that GC when you shop at my store ....each day you shop in February gets you a ticket.

And keep commenting on my blog....all comments between the last giveaway and when I reach 400 followers will get you a ticket in the Milestone Giveaway.

Have a great weekend!


  1. You are so busy! I think most crafty people are. Good luck and have fun in Vegas!

  2. This is a really beautiful piece! Love either version--would love it without the rivolis in a denim blue for casual wear with jeans. My fingers hurt just thinking about all the beading you do!!! Did you see the pic Sabine posted of her fingers after a marathon beading session? Ouch! I'm sure you'll love being back in CA--I still miss it and we've been in UT for 12 1/2 years. I'll keep you in prayer! CJ

  3. Mikki,
    this piece has so many possible variations - can't wait to play with it. your packing sounds like a huge, never-ending project, but I like the way you are tackling it. when moving day comes, you'll be ready ahead of time.
    Mary Alexander

  4. Oh...I have been where you are now sooo many times...we've moved a lot and every time I say I am not buying ANYTHING anymore...and yet...goodwill makes out every time...a bag of charity, a bag of trash, a bag to giveaway are always in the wings...Love this beautiful piece you have made once again and I'm anxiously awaiting the tute..

  5. I DO love this piece. Please let me know where you shop in Vegas. I'm going to be visiting a relative there soon and I don't know the city at all.

  6. I love Fusion Beads! Such a great site. I love the new piece, even if it does look like a flower (for now)

  7. I'd love to know about those carts. Did you get them online? If so, would you please tell me where! I've been looking for something like this but don't really know where to turn! Thanks, Mikki.

  8. Beautiful! I love the monochrome, now I can see more clearly the Gothic Urchin design. I really does remind me of a sea urchin with the spines removed, but even more beautiful!

  9. OK.....Vegas bead fave shop, where if I can't find a certain bead or a certain color bead and I always find a bunch to choose from is Bead Haven on Lake Mead & Buffalo. It's a little spendy and the gal who runs it can be a bit moody but if you're lucky enough for the owner to be talk to her, she's lovely and a wonderful designer. Other Vegas beads stores you might want to look at are Bead Jungle in Henderson and Discount Beads on Durango, just South of West Flamingo :)
    As for the jewelry cart, I ordered from at good prices, I've seen the same stuff selling for twice as much! The folding moving carts are at Walmart for about $10.

    I love things being versatile and the fact you can make this design into a flower appeals to is a more casual version and would even be cool to use three to make a necklace. It's one of those designs that will be interesting to see how people use it :)

  10. Can I come shopping with you??? I just sold my kiln and have loads of money to spend on beads and secondly bills. Here in Oz, out in the stix makes for boring bead shopping. Have a fantastic time for me Mikki!

  11. Mikki,
    every time I see a different version of your Gothic Urchin Wings I love it more and more! And I cannot wait to make that beautiful compact!

    One of my favorite things about your designs is their versatility. You are not just cranking out 'patterns' (which is perfectly awesome too) but you are creating new techniques and unique components that can be used in endless variations!

    I was amazed (and still am) when I first read your tutorial for your Spinal Tap Rope...and again with your Corrugated Peyote and then most recently with the Cufflette!

    I am so impressed with your translation of Lace Crochet into Bead Weaving...if anyone has not purchased this Tutorial yet, I absolutely recommend that you do!

    I am happy for all the positive changes in your life this year! It must feel like a huge weight off your shoulders to be clearing out and getting rid of so much 'stuff' in anticipation of your big move!

    And have fun bead shopping in Vegas...I can only imagine the awesome bead stores that would exist amidst such amazing extravagance!

  12. Thanks Tia....the teacher in me thinks there should be a new technique in every! I tend to think of my tutorials as a class, and if you're taking a class you want to learn something. If I ever get to do tutorials the way I want there will be a video with each one to show how to do the tricky bits. Hopefully after I'm settled I'll have some time to figure out how to do that :)

    Yes, clearing things out is good! And having a clear picture of what you want for your future really helps in making the decisions of what to keep and what to let go :)

  13. Well done on the sales so far. I cannot wait until you release the tutorial for the Urchin Wings: Peacock Mirror Pendant/Brooch...still deciding what colour to do mine seeing yours in black I think I might go gothic too...but I still like my first idea of greens and bronzes...hmmm maybe I'll make two!



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