Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I made good progress on the Urchin Wings: Peacock Mirror Pendant/Brooch yesterday getting most of the illustrations done. And last night the third attempt at the support for the scarf slider and pin back gave me what I was looking for, so I should be able to get that illustrated today.  Then I have to tackle the illustrations for actually putting all the components together....that's the not so easy part.

I'd like to have all the illustrations complete today as tomorrow I need to go get my car serviced for the trip to Vegas which I'm hoping to do on Thursday. So just having the words to write tomorrow would be perfect :)

The secret project I'm working on made me get innovative as I had to come up with a temporary support to reach the desired effect.  I was very relieved when the thing didn't collapse on me when the support was removed and I think it's a valuable tool for those times when something is tricky.  Definitely a good tip that might be useful even when you're not working on something quite as big as I am right now.
Of course I'm having lots of 'spin-off' ideas with this project some of them are actual 'spinning' ideas :)

Enough with the mystery...it's hard not to tell you what I'm doing but I'd rather have it be a surprise and not get my idea stolen before I've brought it into fruition.

A lot of my ideas lately are not for jewelry and it's interesting to see where seed beads can go. Many ideas for wall art and sculpture.  Who I am as a beader seems to be morphing and the direction I thought I was heading in six months ago doesn't seem right for me now.  I had thought that once I moved I would be teaching every week up and down CA but I'm now feeling that teaching just a few times a year will allow me to take my beading into the direction it seems to want to go.   My roots are in art, painting and sculpture so I guess it's no surprise that the beads want to go there too.  The tricky part will be balancing it all no doubt :)  


  1. Just wanted to say "thanks" for your suggestion about floral rocks to learn how to bezel, I plan on doing just that. I deal with Bead FX online, and today finally found where they hide the Cabochons in their online inventory, so when the time comes I will be able to get something as well as Rivolis.
    As always, love reading your blog, have a great day!

  2. New paths are always challenging and rewarding at the same time. Looking to see what you have in store.

  3. The broach just gets more beautiful with each picture. I can't wait to see the mystery project. :)

  4. Hi Mikki,
    I'm so happy to read your blog ! Your brain seems to be "boiling" right now (sorry if the translation from French is not appropriate), so many ideas, so many projects, good for you !!!
    Can't wait to have the urchin pendant/brooch instructions.
    Have a great day !


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