Saturday, February 6, 2010

The BEST in Southern Utah

Annabel and I tripped over to Hurricane yesterday to visit our local bead store, Wildfire Beads t he BEST in southern Utah. We visited with Lori, the owner and lampworker extraordinaire, who was once again sold out of her lampwork beads.
She is now stocking some of my project booklets and we are scheduling my classes there. I felt like a rock star as Lori slyly made phone calls and people arrived to see my beadwork which I'd taken to do a show and tell.
Annabel found some things she couldn't leave without and we basically had a good old time.

We then called for coffee and a bite to eat at a new place on State Street. I'd seen them building it a while back and must admit I scoffed when I saw they were calling themselves "Baristas". For anyone who doesn't know a barista is an expert in the brewing and making of coffee drinks and I happen to be one having run a coffee shop in Park City, I do know my coffee. I did not expect to find great espresso in Hurricane....but, oh my!
The diamond studded owner, Steve, is very sure of himself, a total flirt, and a self professed master of coffee, pizza, philly steaks, etc. Written on the walls of the place are testemonials that back him up....and by the time we left ours was up amongst them. THE best espresso I've had since I quit running the coffee shop in Park City, though the milk foam could use a little help, it wasn't piled up like it should be for a capp but floated in a deep layer like it should for a latte...but the crema.....mmmmmmm! Annabel announced it was the best pizza she'd ever had and Steve! I will definitely be stopping there every time I'm on that road and I can easily see me making the drive when I'm craving a real espresso. most definitely have the BEST coffee shop in Southern Utah.

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful is always so much fun to visit a great bead store...especially with a friend who likes to browse as well...



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