Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Gallery

Well, with the help of Annabel, who is THE most amazing marketer and awesome friend, my work is now available at Datura Gallery in the Coyote Gulch Art Village at Kayenta, UT.

I am always freaked out, stressed out and a nervous wreck when I approach galleries and this time was no different but Annabel was a rock. She has her bead work in the gallery and as I arrived early I went in to check it out. As soon as I walked in the door, the manager, Lynne, spotted the freeform peyote collar I was wearing and asked if I made it, which I did, of course.
I snooped Annabel's work, she really does great work in the most impeccable taste and was impressed at how the gallery displays it. I then left the gallery to find Annabel.

Once found Annabel nipped into the gallery to 'check on something' and then we went for lattes so she could review my pricing and we adjusted a few things in a very pleasing upward direction, she loaned me her display tray which was so much better than opening box after box, and we headed into the gallery. The plan was to go to a different gallery but Annabel's 'checking on something' was really her talking up a storm about me, and Lynne decided she wanted my work in her gallery. Apparently my work lived up to it's great review and Lynne took everything I had, and even bumped up a few prices again......I underestimate my work, yeah, that's about right.

So, I'm in my second gallery and right in time for next weekend's Art Festival. Thankyou Annabel. Oh, one piece did not make it into the gallery, my 'Mystere' necklace. When Annabel first saw this piece she had a hard time putting it down and she decided she just had to have it, I'm hoping that's an omen for the sales I'll have at this gallery.

It's also just the push I needed to get away from the polymer (step away from the pasta machine) back into the bead weaving and I designed and got half way through a new piece last night. I will get back to the polymer though, my latest attempts came out amazingly well and I have some designs spinning around in my head that are a fusion of polymer art and bead weaving. I just have to finish cleaning Dad's workshop so I can do the baking and buffing in there, because the liquid clay stinks to high heaven when it's baking.


  1. Congratulations Mikki, beautiful piece, great detail!

  2. Congratulations Mikki...you must be very pleased your work will be displayed at the gallery!

    What a beautiful necklace...I see why Annabelle had to have it!!!



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