Friday, February 19, 2010

Spiralling out of Control

Yep, that's how life feels at the moment. And as art imitates life......I'm also Dutch spiralling.

Things tend to happen in spurts in my life, sort of a slow, slow, quick, quick, slow routine. Yeah, I dance through I'm in a quick, quick phase right now with lots to do and not enough hours in the day.

Being able to sell my kits at my classes has been jumped forward from April 1st to, like, yesterday! So, I've been flung back into packing kits and working out, reverse that. Once I get back into the flow of kitting it does make the classes easier for all. Students don't have to be running all over town looking for beads or tear their hair out trying to match colors on line.....I get to do that. For me it's easier in class when all the beads are labelled and we don't have to spend half an hour working out which bead is which.

Annabel mentioned to me that she wanted to learn the Dutch spiral and it made me think....In all my work I don't have any Dutch spirals, why? Because they all sold! Hmmm...funny how you miss things like that. So, next month I'm teaching a class on it. It does mean two full samples though as I want to cover the different effects you can get with the same beads. It may be subtle but depending on the placement of the same beads you can create a ribbon or a ridge effect. In the picture the black and white is the ribbon and the brown and gold is the ridge.

This weekend will be busy as one of my bracelet designs was just accepted as a Beadwork project and some of what they need is due Monday. I also want to write the pattern so Suzanne can do a test run for me and make sure the pattern is correct....don't you hate it when it isn't? I had a great testament to my pattern writing last night with a student totally new to beading. She had no problem following my pattern and was delighted with the result. A new bead weaver was created! She actually felt so confident working from my pattern she ordered a couple of kits. That's a great feeling for both student and teacher!

Oh...I also have to mention the new thread I've been using on these spirals. I got some of the Miyuki thread especially designed for Delicas and I have to tell you I LOVE it!!! I been a Silamide gal since I started bead weaving but I'll be restocking with KO.
This thread is so silky it feels decadent. It's nylon and they've managed to make it so the ends don't fray and the needle doesn't split the thread...which as we all know makes undoing a mistake a LOT easier. I got mine at Beadaholique but it's now available at Fusion Beads for about $3.50 for a 50m spool and free shipping! It comes in a dozen colors and I absolutely love the gold, it really blends into gold beads. All I can say is....TRY IT! And no, I'm not being paid to say that!

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  1. I have ordered your Dutch Spiral pattern. My assumtion is to receive it via email??? Thank you for your pattern,


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