Monday, February 22, 2010

Flames and Challenges

The weekend was an uphill struggle. I woke on Saturday with a headache, so I thought as I wasn't feeling up to writing patterns or beading I would head over to Hurricane and Wildfire Beads. I met with Lora and we planned my classes for the next few months, chitchatted and then I got to see her work. She was working on an order for her lampwork beads and I got to watch and pelt her with questions. She re-itterated that she wasn't going to teach! She thinks I'd make a very good lampworker and doesn't want the competition. She laughs and says she'll probably end up teaching me.

It was a good visit and I enjoyed the drive, even in the rain, but I still had the headache. So I still wasn't up to doing anything that required concentration and it was like that for the evening too.
Sunday morning the remnants of the headache were still there and after shopping I took a nap. Finally I was feeling well enough to work out the supply list for the project for Beadwork, which is good because I have to send that in today along with my contract. I was feeling well enough in the evening to do a little beadwork and as the 'Beads in Time" I designed for Lisa matched the colors for the Margie Deeb color challenge over at the Art Bead Scene blog I thought I would have a go at making my entry. The piece went together so quickly and I'm really happy with the makes me remember lazy days at the beach so I've named it "Beaches".
Now I just have to figure out the photo to send in. I'm confused because an 8 x 10" photo at 72 ppi is barely making 104K and they're asking for a 1MB minimum. At 600ppi it makes 1,900K .

So, anyone have any clues to what I'm doing wrong?


  1. 576 pixels wide x 720 pixels high is 8" x 10" at 72ppi... and this is 1.19 MB. I'm not sure what you are doing wrong, but maybe if you crop the photo to the pixel dimensions I just stated that would help?

    Or maybe you are looking at the JPG size when the image is not open in your imaging software... that gives you a smaller size.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Thanks Margie. I was doing that last night and when I loaded the file onto e-mail it said the file was just 104K. I just did it now, checking I'd done everything you suggested and and the file is 1901K....go figure. I didn't do anything different to last night.

  3. Well, I don't know about pixels but I do know that necklace is beautiful!


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