Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Coming up for Air

Busy, busy, busy. I'm swamped! So much to be done and just not enough hours in the day.

I did however get the new colorways done for one of the classes next here's a sneak peek before I get it posted in my store.

I'm combining chores at this point so the wonderful beads you see here came from Artbeads and their blogging program, "The Beauty of Spring" is the theme and I was so thrilled because it's my theme right now too. I got to sample the gorgeous new mauve color of Swarovski pearls....that's the one above the word 'pink'. They arrived yesterday and I was so excited to put them together I did the three new colorways last night, though as you can see the turquoise is just a color sample at this point. The mauve also show up in the lime version (for me lime is so spring) along with peach and cream. And the peach are paired up with tahitian and gold in the turquoise version. I just LOVE the turquoise seed beads too....a little more subdued than the standard turquoise these are Marbled Opaque Turquoise/blue, very classy. I just thank the heavens for the online stores because getting seed beads locally is tough and you wouldn't know the #8 size existed if you just shopped locally.

The beads for my flower bracelet project just my work for this afternoon is! Hopefully I'll have the photos done to show you tomorrow but think Swarovski highlights.

FTC compliance disclosure: As part of Artbeads' blogger program they occasionally send me beads to review. The review is my honest opinion and I'm not paid or otherwise compensated to say glowing things about them.

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