Thursday, February 4, 2010

Secret's Out!

Miss Lisa over at 'A Bead A Day' got her surprise today. As some of you may know Lisa has a fabulous new book out "A Bead In Time" and loving Lisa's special soul as much as I do I wanted to create something for her to celebrate this time.

So, as I have just started making polymer clay art beads I thought I'd design some based on her book cover. I made these beads to capture not only the colors of the cover but the theme too. I am quite proud of the result....and happy and relieved she likes them.

Anyway, congratulations Lisa! Now everyone go buy her book, available at


  1. This is gorgeous! And so thoughtful :) Heading over to amazon...

  2. Those beads are gorgeous Mikki, as always, you have such a talent...what a wonderful compliment for Lisa. I just received my book, it is a work of art...I've browsed but haven't yet actually read it cover to cover but will...


  3. Mikki, you are so sweet! The beads haven't left my side. I took them to work and keep them on the table next to me or on my desk depending on where I am at the moment. The funny thing is, I had just ordered a GIANT roll of white hemp cord, that turned out to be just slightly eggshell more than white. It was still on the counter when your beads came and it seemed like a match made in heaven! I have a couple of things swirling and can't wait to make something with them so I can wear them instead of carrying them around! YOU ARE A WONDERFUL FRIEND! :)

  4. You are most welcome and, back at ya!

  5. Hi again! I had a chance to use some hemp cord and fun, fabulous beads!! I love how it turned out. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


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