Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mystery Flower

I was feeling in a bright mood when I started putting the flower bracelet samples together last night and opted to do this cobalt and fuchsia version first. (Dagnabbit...even after reading Rachel's post about spelling difficulties with the word fuchsia I still got it wrong...thank God for spellcheck....I'm sure that's not the real inventor but as far as I'm concerned he can wear the name tag).Anyhoo.....the flower started out as a chrysanthemum (no spelling problems there, go figure) but it really didn't work out with a small center...not the way I wanted and too complex for a beginner. So, I created this six petaled flower which is kind of a cross between a peony and a carnation... a peonation??? Take THAT spellchecker!'s confirmed....I've worked so hard I'm silly. This flower took some working out ....when teaching, things have to be simplified but after a few tries I think this is doable by a beginner....with my instruction, of course.
The other colorways for this corsage bracelet are: Matte Dark Amber band with orange/yellow flower and crystal copper rivolis. Matte Aqua band with coral opal flower and crystal AB rivolis. Plus we're far enough out with this one that I can actually take some color requests for the kits.
This little bracelet would make a great prom corsage....with the advantage of it not dying two days later.

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